Thursday, May 17, 2012

So, Life Happens..

Haven't been on much recently but I'm still going..  I had a set back.  I thought I'd treat my self to a frapacino a few days ago instead of getting my usual iced black coffee with one sugar.  Well, that was a mistake.  I was so happy to be under 150 but that one frap almost put my back over.  Definitely a wake up call that this is going to be a forever change.  I had to shake it off and get back to work, though...  My next post will, I will update all my stats and see where I stand and where I need to change up my routine.

Til then...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Down below 150!!

I've made it passed 150 and have been staying there.  It was back and forth for a bit but I'm steady at 148  now.  =)

The best part of it, though I haven't lost a whole lot, is that people have noticed.  It's almost making me feel like I was bigger than I thought I was but it's totally a confidence boost to walk into a staff meeting and have people tell you that you're looking great and what's the secret...  The one thing I do tell them is that I cut out fast food.  It's amazing what that decision can do to benefit your health!

Still going strong but still more to be done!