Saturday, February 25, 2012

It Is Just a Video Game...Right?

I recently got my daughter the Just Dance 3 game for Xbox Kinect.  Since she's only 3, I have to turn on the songs for her so she could dance.  I usually do this while doing other chores.  A few days ago, I decided to play along with her.


Talk about a workout!  I almost didn't make it through one song. ONE! ONE 3 MINUTE SONG!  This is not ok.  Since then, I've been playing along with her and sometimes play even longer than she does.

This afternoon, I took a break from chores to dance one song with her and ended up playing for an hour.  HELL YEAH!  I'm getting better (as far as stamina, not coordination...)

Just Dance 3 has definitely become part of my weight loss journey.  I need to make it a habit and do it every evening.

I'm also thinking of getting Zumba for kinect.  I don't have a whole lot of time to head to the gym being a single parent but that shouldn't be a reason for me to not work out.  I think this has been something that I've struggled to get over.  I need to make the time.  I need my daughter to see that I'm taking time to take care of myself so she develops that habit as well.

Well, speaking of my daughter, I do need to sign off so that we can eat dinner.

In my next post, I will lay out a more detailed action plan for everything.

Till then...

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