Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An Easy Startup Workout

I found this cute weightloss blog.  It's a little young for me but it has some cute workout plans to get anyone started.  I'm going to post the "Level One" workout plan below.  Along with my current plan, I think I'll add this in as well.  For example, Day One is 20 Jumping Jacks and 10 Crunches.  That can be done right when I wake up to get my day started.

Something else I found today was a love of CUCUMBER WATER!  WHAT!!!  I know...  It's pretty self explanatory but I never thought about adding cucumber to water the way I do lemon.  I saw the always cute, Jamie Oliver and had to check it out..

Adding a few slices of cucumber really was so refreshing.  I definitely suggest trying it out!

Time to sign off for the evening and get my human to bed.  Until next time, take care!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Does This Count?

So, who isn't slightly obsessed with Pinterest right now?  lol..

Does it count as part of a workout if I just repin some motivational fitness pins?


Yeah, I didn't think so..  

But, if you are on Pinterest, feel free to follow me there -->Pinterest

In other news...  I'm down 2 pounds!  Totally awesome. =)

Current Weight: 151 lbs
Current Real Age: 25.5

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Plan

This probably should have been post #1 but it'll have to be #3...

My Current Weight: 153.2
Weight Loss Goal: 15 lbs by May 1, 2012

  1. Cut out the empty calories in drinks!!  No more sweetened coffee!  I do enjoy iced coffee with 2 sugars in the afternoon and it keeps me feeling more awake than the flavored coffee drinks with make me feel gross afterwards even though they taste soooo good!
  2. No more fast food!  The stuff isn't real anyway.  I've already cut out most fast food anyway but I do occasionally find myself in the taco bell drive through when I forget my lunch...  I've decided that if I do forget my lunch, I can drive a few extra miles and stop at Starbucks for one of their Bistro Boxes.  The protein bistro box is one of my favorites.  It contains a hardboiled egg, muesli bread, peanut butter/honey spread and some apple slices and grapes. Love it!  Gives me energy needed to get through the last part of my work day.
  3. Stay active!!  Unfortunately, my hours got cut back pretty far at work so until they go back up or I find a more stable job, I can't join a gym.  BUT, I can play with my 3 year old and dance the evening away with our Just Dance 3 game.  It really is quite a cardio workout!
I know it all seems very straightforward but actually making these choices habits is where it gets more difficult.  When you're used to being on the go and grabbing a quick bite here and there, it becomes normal. Not anymore!  The easy road ends now!!!  

Now, I do have to say that in addition to these fairly simple ideas, I signed up with and am excited to finally put my real age plan into practice.  If you haven't signed up and found out your real age, you should.  You may be surprised to find out how old your body thinks it is... Below is the screen shot of my results and I must say that I am very proud of it but ready to get it down even lower!

Cant wait to share my results!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

It Is Just a Video Game...Right?

I recently got my daughter the Just Dance 3 game for Xbox Kinect.  Since she's only 3, I have to turn on the songs for her so she could dance.  I usually do this while doing other chores.  A few days ago, I decided to play along with her.


Talk about a workout!  I almost didn't make it through one song. ONE! ONE 3 MINUTE SONG!  This is not ok.  Since then, I've been playing along with her and sometimes play even longer than she does.

This afternoon, I took a break from chores to dance one song with her and ended up playing for an hour.  HELL YEAH!  I'm getting better (as far as stamina, not coordination...)

Just Dance 3 has definitely become part of my weight loss journey.  I need to make it a habit and do it every evening.

I'm also thinking of getting Zumba for kinect.  I don't have a whole lot of time to head to the gym being a single parent but that shouldn't be a reason for me to not work out.  I think this has been something that I've struggled to get over.  I need to make the time.  I need my daughter to see that I'm taking time to take care of myself so she develops that habit as well.

Well, speaking of my daughter, I do need to sign off so that we can eat dinner.

In my next post, I will lay out a more detailed action plan for everything.

Till then...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

And So It Begins..

Here goes the first post of yet another blog that I'm doomed to forget about..  Ok, scratch that...  This is very important to me.  I consider myself to be a very health conscious woman but years of being not so healthy has taken it's toll and I find myself not looking the way I feel.

I feel great!  I feel healthy.  I don't look it, though.  Bad food choices, a child, a love of baking cupcakes.... All these things caught up to me.  Now, it's time to dust off my running shoes and get back on track.  It's time to start looking the way I feel!

I don't know if anyone will read this and that's ok.  I'm doing this for me.  If you decide to read along, that's great.  Maybe you're on a fitness journey as well?

Here's my plan and my starting numbers.

I currently weigh in at...gasp...153 pounds.  I'm 5'2 so 153 is heavier than what my frame should carry.  If you pay attention to BMI, which I don't exactly care about, I'm considered overweight and almost obese.  My BMI is a 28 and should be between 18.5 and 24.9 which is around 125 lbs.  That is not gonna happen.  I'm shooting for 135-140.  I took some before pictures but I'm still not super comfortable posting them.  But they are date stamped so if I post them later, you'll see where I started at.

Ok, I'm rambling.  Let me sign off for tonight cause it's getting late and I have to work in the morning.  Thanks for following along.  I hope you feel motivated right along with me to do what you need to do to feel comfortable in your skin. Let's do this!!!

Current Age: 30
Current Weight: 153lbs
Current Height: 5'2"
Current BMI: 28
Current Real Age: 25

Goal Weight: 135-140
Goal BMI:  24-25 
Goal Real Age: 20